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X-Steam Clean use a combination of methods and treatments to spring clean a property to add value, improve appearance, and solve mould and mildew problems in both interior and exterior locations. 

We work closely with a number of real estate companies and landlords to assist their property management services. Our service is fast, friendly and cost-effective.


We specialize in interior cleaning for property managers, landlords and home-owners, using our dry steam clean technology for detailed deep cleaning of walls, ceilings, bathrooms, flooring, windows and other surfaces.


​Interior mould and mildew is an issue in many homes where there has been exposure to moisture and a lack of ventilation. This creates a health risk and can lead to the need for costly repairs if not treated correctly.

We are experts in mould removal and treatment. Dry steam cleans and sanitises without leaving moisture or condensation and is ideal for surface preparation prior to painting.


We offer a detailed hot water high pressure clean to the exterior of your property and its surrounds, creating a positive impact on kerb appeal and appearance.

The high temperatures expelled from our high pressure cleaners make a significant difference to all surfaces by removing built-up dirt and grime, salt-water spray and traffic emissions. We also eradicate mould and mildew, slime, fungus and moss.

Our property detailing services includes:
⦁    Driveways, paths and patios
⦁    External house wash
⦁    Refresh and rejuvenate exterior paintwork
⦁    Walls and fences
⦁    Decking areas
⦁    Garages doors and flooring
⦁    Eaves, fascia and guttering
⦁    Outdoor entertaining areas including barbecues
⦁    Pool surrounds
⦁    Tennis courts (hard surfaces)

⦁    Graffitti removal

⦁    Balconies and balustrades
⦁    Retaining walls
⦁    Windows and door frames
⦁    Professional mould and spore eradicators

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