MOULD Remediation

MOULD removal AND treatment

Mould can be a threat to your health and your home. Left untreated it can damage the structural integrity of your property as well cause serious health issues such as asthma, skin and eye irritations, and other allergic reactions. If mould spore is inhaled it can develop into a serious illness.

Mould removal requires specialised cleaning to remove both the visible mould and the airborne particles which will guarantee a return of the mould if not dealt with correctly. Bleach and other chemical products may remove surface mould temporarily, but they do not kill airborne mould spores and pathogens.

XSteam Clean are experienced in mould eradication since establishing in 2009 and treating many homes after the catastrophic Brisbane floods. Part of their expertise lies in the ability to identify specific types of mould and trace the source. 


XSteam Clean use a three-pronged approach to mould removal to assure your peace of mind.

We use a non-toxic, biodegradable product, that is chlorine and bleach-free to remove the mould. This product is certified safe for use in food preparation areas and does not require the premises to be vacated.

We use thermogenic dry steam vapor to sanitise and kill the mould. The low humidity, high temperature steam drys almost instantly and kills mould effectively.

To eliminate airborne mould spores and remove bad odours, we use a natural, non-toxic formula to fog the premises thereby eradicating 99% of mould spores.


We provide:

Free quote (some T&C apply)

Pre-treatment assessment and mould identification

Post-remediation report including recommendations to prevent regrowth

We now offer a free property inspection report