Mould Removal 

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Get Rid Of Mould In Your House

X-Steam Clean detects and effectively removes mould growth in your home.


Mould is a toxic growth that can lead to respiratory problems and other health related issues. Kill mould at the source with minimal chemicals, our product is safe for children, animals and asthma sufferers. 

Mould removal steam cleaning services for your entire house


Can be used on and around furnihings and electrical equipment without the risk of short-circuiting.


Minimal water use allows dry steam to be used in areas without drains for a dryer clean.

No increase in humidity or condensation that could cause health and safety issues.


Our equipment produces high temperature steam at around 180 degrees. Heat over 120 degrees destroys and removes micro-organisms harbored in difficult-to-reach locations and within bio-films.


Using high temperature cleaning eliminates the risk of bacteria developing resistance to chemicals. Heat melts oils and grease making removal easier.

Heated surfaces dry quickly and are ready to use thereby reducing down-time.


Discharge pressure of 116 psi (8 bar) will not damage surfaces.


No need to mask off or bag your items.

With the addition of degreasers, detergents, and sanitisers, we can ensure a thorough clean.

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Mould can be a challenge to eliminate, it can grow in wall cracks, carpet fibers and under furniture.  Understanding how to deal with mould is key to remove and eliminate further growth and infestation.


Mould need nutrients, moisture and the right temperature to grow, if the conditions are right it can absorb nutrients and grow into other ears of your house.

Inhailing mould particles in the air can result in upper respiratory problems such as coughing, wheezing and can also bring on asthma attacks for asthma sufferers.

It is best to have your house treated by a professional. It is not advised to buy over the counter chemicals for treatment of mould, as it will travel in the air into other room and areas of your home.



Eliminate and prevent future infestations.

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“One of our properties we manage needed mould removal in the bathroom, I gave them a call and the guy was there the next day. Their response was so quick and the result of the steam clean was so surprising, the tenants could believe how much accumulated over time. These guys are on my speed dial!" 

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