Hygiene and sanitation is of upmost importance for health clubs around the world. It is vital for fitness centers to ensure they adhere to strict industry standards for compliance to health and safety regulations. XSteam Clean can assist with sanitation services on a regular or as needed basis to cater to your specific needs and requirements.

At XSteam Clean we are committed to working in partnership with all of our customers, we understand that we need to provide a certain level of service so you can focus on what you do best. We offer best in class cleaning services, which include cleaning of exercise equipment, shower rooms, frequently touched areas such as free-weights, exercise balls, lockers, door handles, light switches, phones and more.

We understand that patrons may be sensitive to certain chemicals. During our cleaning process we use minimal to no chemicals as we firmly believe that steam cleaning surpasses most chemicals, our service is environmentally friendly. Our team of expert hygienists ensure your fitness center has the least amount of down time possible and it does not interfere with operating hours.

We have the capabilities to support you mission and goals by supporting you with the best in class service for your fitness center. Our specialised equipment means that we can ensure your facility is as clean as possible, we pay particular attention to the smaller details that make your fitness center stand out from the others.

Our hygienists are ready to work in partnership with you and create a sanitation program for your center.

Some of the services we provide to Fitness centers include:

  • Fitness equipment

  • Shower areas

  • Inside lockers

  • Toilets and Urinals

  • Workout area

  • Activity rooms

  • frequently touched areas such as light switches, door handles and stair railings

  • Carpet cleaning

  • External building washing

  • Mould and moss removal to external building

  • Public pathways and external stairs

  • Water fountains