STEAM CLEAN An Appliance 

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Be Audit Ready

At X-Steam Clean we can ensure your kitchen is clean and sanitised to food safety compliance standards quickly and effectively with zero down-time!

audit ready steam cleaning services for your commercial kitchen


Can be used on and around electrical and electronic equipment without risk of short-circuit.


Minimal water use allows dry steam to be used in areas without drains for a dryer clean.

No increase in humidity or condensation that could cause food safety issues.


Our equipment produces high temperature steam at around 180 degrees. Heat over 120 degrees destroys and removes micro-organisms harbored in difficult-to-reach locations and within bio-films.


Using high temperature cleaning eliminates the risk of bacteria developing resistance to chemicals. Heat melts oils and grease making removal easier.

Heated surfaces dry quickly and are ready to use thereby reducing down-time.


Discharge pressure of 116 psi (8 bar) will not damage surfaces, bearing seals, motors, or sensors. 


No need to mask off or bag equipment.

With the addition of degreasers, detergents, and sanitisers, we can ensure a thorough clean to Food Safety, HACCP, and Eat Safe Brisbane standards.

Operating a busy restaurant can make it hard to find time for a super deep clean in the kitchen and food service areas. Strict council food safety standards mean that business owners and operators are obliged to source effective and efficient cleaning solutions for their commercial kitchens in order to maintain hygiene levels and avoid the potential for food poisoning. That's where we come in...


Our qualified and experienced hygienists degrease, sanitise, disinfect and remove all built-up food residues, dirt and micro-organisms from the food service area in one visit.


Don’t risk failing a council food safety inspection and improve your Eat Safe Brisbane star rating at the same time. We clean to the highest food industry standards.

New Management

Change of owner deep clean.

Front of House

Restaurant banquettes, upholstery and leather cleaning.

Post Renovation & Construction

Clean and sanitise construction areas to food health and safety standards.

Dishwashers and Ovens

Inside and outside.

Chillers & Freezers

We remove mould, sanitise racks and all surfaces.

Outdoor Dining

Patio and footpath areas, including removal of chewing gum.

Impinger Oven

We specaialise in cleaning impinger ovens reducing the need for off-site cleaning and reducing down-time.


Toilets, urinals and tiled areas sanitised to remove urine smell and bacteria.

Food Prep Benches & Storage Areas

We deep clean and sanitise top and bottom work areas.

Kitchen Walls & Floors

We move everything possible to get in and deep clean underneath and in the corners.

Front Of house windows

Steam clean internal and external windows removing saltwater spray,  and traffic smog.


We deep clean and sanitise hot plates, duck hanging ovens, wok stations, BBQ's, grill tops, fryers.

Audit ready

"Running a restaurant in Brisbane I needed to make sure the front of house and back of house was maintained to food safety standards. I had an audit coming up and needed to clean out my kitchen in time. These guys came and cleaned out the whole kitchen - top to bottom - they did such a good job I received an impressive score on my audit. I am going to use these guys a lot more, and it wasn't even an expensive outlay."

Paul G

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