We Are X-Steam Clean

Customer Service Rep

X-Steam Clean offer specialised one-off or periodical power cleaning, sanitising, degreasing, and mould removal services using dry steam vapour and hot water high pressure cleaning technology.

We provide services to a range of industries:

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Commercial Dining

  • Education Facilities

  • Commercial Property Management

  • Gyms

  • Sports Clubs

  • Resorts & Hotels

  • Playgrounds

Our Approach

Our hot water high-pressure cleaning technology effectively removes dried and discolored dirt and derbies from any surface and is entirely safe and environmentally friendly. 

Our methods use minimal non-toxic cleaning solution, if any, and a combination of heat and pressure to break down the binding polymers quickly and effectively.

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Benefits of an X-Steam Clean

Eliminate dirt, oil, grease, and built up food residues

Kill bacteria and micro-organisms trapped in biofilms

Sanitise and disinfect deep into the pores of hard surfaces

Improve the working life of your equipment

Clean hard to reach gaps and corners, under and behind equipment

Deep clean grease built up on walls

Effectively clean deep into the pores of non-slip kitchen floor surfaces where chemical cleaning agents cannot

No loss of revenue – we come in during your off hours

Remove and kill chemical-resistant cockroach eggs and nests

Ensure food safety standard compliance

Set the standard for cleanliness in your place of work